Families living near HGV route say noise nightmare could soon be over

Campaigners use a shoe to illustrate the size of potholes. Picture: Normandy Way Fight for Change.

Campaigners use a shoe to illustrate the size of potholes. Picture: Normandy Way Fight for Change.

CAMPAIGNERS calling for a busy HGV route to be resurfaced are hoping their noise nightmare will soon be over.

Families have spent months complaining about the deafening din caused by lorries driving over large potholes in Normandy Way, Marchwood, day and night. Now Hampshire County Council has confirmed that resurfacing work is due to start next month. Marchwood parish councillor Richard Young said residents had raised “perfectly reasonable concerns” about the noise made by vehicles driving over Normandy Way’s “failing” road surface.

He added that resurfacing work was due to take place between March 14 and April 1. “I understand this work will be conducted during nighttime and a full closure of Normandy Way will be necessary, with appropriate diversion and access routes established and maintained,” said Cllr Young. Campaigner Nigel Cooper added: “We’re certainly looking forward to having a quieter time.

“We’re concerned about night work and hope that means 24-hour working, not just nights, but have had no confirmation. “We’ve also requested that the speed limit be lowered to 30mph to hopefully keep the new roadway in good shape.” Marchwood county councillor David Harrison also welcomed the resurfacing plans but sounded a note of caution.

He said: “Residents will be absolutely delighted if the work finally does take place as planned. “However, a great many projects planned by Hampshire Highways have been delayed as a result of numerous issues, including weather, difficulties getting materials and even workforce problems. “I’ve been pressing very hard for this work to be done and am keeping my fingers firmly crossed.”

The road is used by a large number of vehicles travelling to and from Marchwood Industrial Park and Marchwood Military Port.
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The Normandy Way Fight For Change group has complained that residents are having to endure noise and vibration caused by lorries thundering past their homes at all hours of the day and night.

One householder cited the “excessive” speed of vehicles using Normandy Way.

She added: “When empty trucks and large vehicles hit the potholes at 50mph the noise is incredible.

“The road was never built for the current traffic and every large vehicle hits the drains – which results in more noise.”