Thermo King’s new undermount for truck and drawbars

London, UK: Thermo King is showing a new UT-R undermount fridge at the IAA Transportation show in Hannover, Germany. The UT-R includes single and multi-temperature units for undermount applications on rigids, drawbar trailers and highloaders. The new design and technologies deliver increased efficiency, better reliability and durability, and significantly lower noise than the legacy range, Thermo King says.

The UT-R units are available as NRMM Stage V compliant diesel-powered systems, or in hybrid version. The UT-R hybrid can switch between diesel and electric mode to reduce emissions and fuel consumption and increase flexibility of operations allowing the trucks to enter cities’ low and ultra-low emission zones. “Multi-drop operations in city distribution, long distance transport of goods and raising ambient temperatures are driving the customer need for reliable, high cooling capacity refrigeration units to ensure the safety of their cargo,” said Davide Previsdomini, product manager truck, Thermo King.

“We designed the UT-R units with these factors in mind and added more features that not only offer the highest cooling capacity in the segment but do so with reduced noise and lower cost of ownership for transporters.” The new UT-R platform is based on a new compressor from Thermo King T-Series units contributing to highest cooling capacity in this market segment according to ATP standards (Accord Transport Perrisable), and lower TCO for customers. Featuring an Electronic Throttling Valve as standard.

The UT-R units operate with reduced engine speeds for better performance and lower noise. “The new UT-R units are 3dB(A) quieter than the incumbent range,” Previsdomini said. “In real life, this difference means that the noise perception of two new UT-R units operating side-by-side equals the noise generated by a single predecessor unit.” The new design also facilitates better access to serviceable components and contributes to extended maintenance intervals.

Combined with the increased reliability, this translates into up to 40% lower service costs for the transporters when compared to the legacy units.

The new UT-R units are smaller than the predecessor range with width reduced by 200mm and weighs 40kg less.

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