Flooded Stoke-on-Trent road resembles canal in jaw-dropping drone images

Eye-opening drone images reveal a flooded road now looks more like a canal after days of relentless rain in Stoke-on-Trent. Chemical Lane in Longport has now been renamed ‘Chemical Lake’ by fed-up businesses on the stretch which up to 2ft under water. Staffordshire County Council is warning that the road is expected to remain closed until at least November 17 but this may be extended by another 21 days.

It first shut on October 27 when the weather turned wet. Many business on Chemical Lane say the flooding has completely cut off any passing trade with staff having to wade in to work in wellies or get ferried in on a truck. READ MORE:New state-of-the-art gym opens in Stoke-on-Trent hotel – here’s a sneak peek

Lindsay Potts, from B&K Timber based right in the middle of the flood zone, said: “It has totally stopped passing trade. We’ve got a showroom so we actually have a lot of customers who come down to see our products before they purchase. It has stopped people coming down.

“The water is blocked at both ends now, so from a business point of view we are not getting people down. We’ve got a suite of trucks and we have to go through the water in them – goodness knows what it’s doing to them. “The lads are parking at the top of Chemical Lane and are coming down in waders and wellies to get to work which is absolutely ridiculous.”

Lindsay added that the issue of flooding had been going on for years. But previously, the business has been able to direct customers to the other end of the lane. She added: “The road needs draining, it has been an ongoing dispute between the council and the railway over who is responsible for the lane and over time it has gradually moved further down the lane

“Its going to keep happening until it’s resolved – one end of the lane is now permanently blocked. Even in the summer it didn’t go. We are not sure what the effect will be over the coming months to the business.”

Mobile Applications Ltd managing director Stuart Dix has to use a truck to ferry his staff into work. He said “They’ve been pumping the water out all yesterday and it rained over the night. We’ve been down here for 23 years and complained every year and nothing is done about it.”

Stuart blames the collapse of the rail embankment for the flooding issues in addition to the amount of waste that is left on the roads and in the grids He and other business have been out in the past to empty the drains but it soon builds back and causes a block. He said: “Nobody uses a road sweeper around here, so it just gets worse. The pumping station is at least two foot deep in mud at the moment.

“The biggest concern is the railway embankment is disappearing, who’s fault is it going to be when a train comes off? Network Rail has come out and said we can’t do anything with it, the council say we can’t afford to fix it. “I have to use a truck to ferry people into work because nobody wants to drive through the water – its ridiculous.

The truck is going to be knackered soon because its too deep for it “They are going to rename it soon to Chemical Lake and we’ll hire out for narrow boat moorings – it’s terrible.” Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport David Williams said: “Our highways team was out on-site last week and again today with a gulley clearing vehicle to try to alleviate flood water.

This road is liable to flooding, particularly after severe heavy rain and permanent signs are in place to advise of this. We are working towards a longer-term solution when resources allow.” Network Rail has been asked to make a statement but has not commented at this time.

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