Dozens of motorists fined for driving wrong way on motorways and …

Police records show that five motorists were issued tickets for driving the wrong way down the motorway in the West Midlands over a three year period. Alarmed cops leapt into action after spotting or being alerted to motorists making hazardous decisions on the M6[1], M5 and M42, as traffic sped past at 70mph.

Worryingly, this included people who drove the wrong way up the motorway, either deliberately or accidentally after getting themselves mixed up.

West Midlands Police[2] issued five tickets for driving the wrong way on a motorway between 2018 and March 2021, records showed. Dozens more were handed out for other motorway offences. Meanwhile, a total of 65 people were given tickets for driving the wrong way down a slip road.

One of the most common motorway offences drivers get punished for, aside from speeding, is driving on the hard shoulder when not permitted. The hard shoulder should normally be left clear to allow stricken vehicles to safely seek refuge, though this is not always the case on controversial smart motorways.

Some 383 tickets were issued by cops over the three-year period for this reason. Motorists were punished for failing to follow other rules too. Elsewhere, six learner drivers were stopped after entering motorways when not under lesson conditions.


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