Fears tgat HMO in St John’s will add to ‘catastrophic’ parking …

The extensions to the house in Windsor Avenue in Worcester would create a six-bed house of multiple occupation (HMO) according to the plan by Tewkesbury-based Big Fish Properties.

More than 25 neighbours have objected to the plan – including one resident who said that parking and congestion was already so bad that bin lorries struggled to weave through the overcrowded street.

In an objection, Robert Klubecz of Windsor Avenue, said parking in the area was “already catastrophic” and there was much concern four years ago when the plan to convert the home into an HMO was approved by the council.

He said: “As the house offers parking at the front this is not a problem at the moment, however with a front extension, these parking spaces would no longer be available hence pushing all the cars of the residents – which bear in mind would increase from the current – onto the side of the road further congesting our little cul-de-sac.”

Mark Fletcher, also of Windsor Avenue, added to the objections saying he had witnessed the slow decline of the ‘family-feel’ of the street and parking was a “nightmare.”

Helen Brettell, another resident of Windsor Avenue, lodged an objection saying the plan needed to provide the right amount of parking otherwise it would just add to congestion problems.

She said that refuse workers were already having to ask residents to move cars on bin day to be able to navigate their lorry through the jammed street.

“Windsor Avenue already has numerous HMO with very limited off-street parking. Cars are already being parked on both sides of the road,” she said.

“The bin men [have to] knock on doors to ask if cars can be moved so their truck can pass.”

Wendy Williamson of Laugherne Road said: “There is already a considerable number of HMOs with various levels of occupancy in this area.

“There are also long-standing concerns of local residents in Laugherne Road regarding speeding cars and insufficient parking which results in cars being parked thoughtlessly blocking drives and obstructing pavements.”


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