Hull reacts to state-of-the-art camera vans

After just one day of being on our roads, the brand-new traffic enforcement van already detected 56 drivers[1] suspected of using mobile phones behind the wheel or not fastening in their seatbelts.

The unit uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify motorists potentially breaking the law. Images captured by AI of potential law-breaking will be sent to an officer to complete a secondary check; prosecution may then follow.

The initial announcement of the new road camera van gained a lot of reaction from residents of the city. Many supported the latest crackdown to make roads safer.

Some people welcomed the new van after seeing people driving with mobile phones in just recent days. Eileen said: “I spotted a lorry driver veering into the hard shoulder a few days ago. As we drove past, he was on his phone and steering with his knees.”

Jas agreed, saying: “Good! The amount of drivers I’ve seen on their phones lately whilst I was a passenger is ridiculous! And I do not use my phone when driving – it’s too dangerous!

Fred wanted to see more prosecutions for those driving while on a mobile phone. He said: “If it saves lives then good. If you’re caught on a phone while driving it should be an automatic ban there and then car taken off you til the court case. Then resit your test.”

Chris says he was injured by a driver on his phone so is welcoming the additions. “Good job get some more tomorrow that’s why I have got injuries somebody on a mobile phone”

And Mark is a motorcyclist who sees text driving on a regular basis and finds it both dangerous and frustrating. “Brilliant. the amount of times I’ve been close to being knocked off my Bandit 1250 which is about 3/4 of a ton beggar’s belief. If I could film people talking or even worse texting on there phone while driving I would gladly send it to the proper authority.”


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