Lisburn councillors raise safety concerns over busy road near school

Lisburn councillors have highlighted a “duty of care” to reinstate a school crossing guide as children face a “desperate situation” of ongoing traffic dangers.

Concerns were raised at Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council[1] (LCCC) after parents contacted reps about a lollipop lady who left her post amid alleged ongoing abuse from some motorists outside St Aloysius primary.

Members identified a nearby MoT centre as a potential high risk factor of inexperienced drivers and lorries on the road with the council mayor alluding to a new road crossing solution.

Lisburn[3] South DUP[4] councillor Andrew Ewing said: “The Ballinderry Road outside St Aloysius primary school has a lot of cars and other traffic, much of this coming in and out of the MoT centre nearby.

“This means there are lot of Learner drivers as well as other cars and lorries in the area. As we all know the lollipop lady is no longer in place. It is a really desperate situation.

“We have a duty of care to our citizens for the safety of their children on our roads. I propose that we write to the Education Authority to have a lollipop person reinstated and to ask the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) for a more permanent solution to ensure the safety of children on this busy road to their school.”

City UUP councillor Tim Mitchell added: “It is my understanding that the lollipop lady, if she had not retired that the funding would have continued for her to stay. What I am saying is that there appears to be funding available, the money is there.”

Support for the proposal was heard throughout the chamber to contact the EA and DfI on the matter.

However, a solution was offered by Mayor Scott Carson, who advised the members from the chair: “It is my understanding that a design on a new road crossing is under-way.”

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