Pictured: ‘Insane’ new road layout that makes London borough ‘look …

A council that installed wavy kerbs designed to reduce traffic has made the area “look like Legoland”, unhappy residents have claimed.

Islington Council in north London has redesigned Charlton Place, just off the A1, and banned traffic from using it between 8.15am and 9.15am and 3pm and 3.45pm.

The wavy kerb is meant to make cars slow down[1], discourage parking, and create a “safer cycle route”[2].

Lorries weighing over 3.5 tonnes will also be banned from the street, and the authority plans to install new areas featuring “more attractive York stone paving”.

However, some local business owners say the scheme is not worth it and is already losing them money.

One businessman, who has been selling his wares in the area since the 1970s, said: “It’s a load of nonsense. There’s something wrong with the people who designed it. Here is supposed to be a conservation area but they’re turning it into something out of Legoland[3] or Alton Towers or something.

“They’re complete and utter idiots using traffic as an old excuse. Pollution is pollution. The biggest single cause of pollution is that millions of people are living in terrible conditions in their houses. But they’re spending more on roads than housing.”

Jacqui Bulmer, 47, owner of home goods store In-Residence in Camden Passage, said: “I’m definitely against it. I think it’s a complete and utter waste of money. There’s not a problem with traffic around here, there’s been no increase in traffic. And this is limiting people coming and shopping in the area.”

Jacqui Bulmer

Jacqui Bulmer branded the scheme ‘a complete waste of money’

Credit: Adam Toms/MyLondon

Botan Aygun, 32, owner of The Framers, said: “Currently because of the road works I can’t bring in any stock. And I’ve had to on occasion carry large sheets of glass through the roadworks. It’s a hazard, and suppliers have told me they’re not delivering whilst it’s going on.

Botan Aygun

Botan Aygun said businesses had not been given the chance to have their say

Credit: Adam Toms/MyLondon

“The council said it wouldn’t affect my businesses, all I’ve had is a leaflet dropped off saying they are doing the works but that was two or three weeks before. There’s been little pre-warning. They said they went door to door, but that’s a complete lie. I’m in [my shop] six days a week, and the only time I was able to dispute this was during an open forum on the corner of Charlton Place and Camden Passage. I popped my head out to see what was going on, and I expressed myself to a young lady saying it would have a negative impact and a public health hazard.

“It’s insane, it seems to be a vanity project. They’re not hearing our voices.”

An Islington Council spokesman said: “We’re making high-quality improvements to Camden Passage – one of Islington’s most iconic streets – and Charlton Place, to make the local area greener and healthier for local people and traders.”


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  2. ^ a “safer cycle route” (www.telegraph.co.uk)
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