Porsche owner and other drivers in spotlight for parking on pavement

A Porsche driver and other motorists are in the spotlight for parking on the pavement. Locals say the high-performance motor is one of many often seen blocking the pavement in Kempton Drive, Warwick[1].

Some say they’ve had enough – although the drivers have attracted some sympathy, too. A picture of the Porsche Panamera, which can cost anything from £75,000 to £150,000 brand new, parked fully on the footpath was posted on the Warwick Noticeboard Facebook page alongside other cars in the background that were also on the pavement. “This car is often parked right across the pavement on Kempton Drive in Warwick, on the new riverside development, completely blocking the pedestrian way on the pavement,” the post said.

“It’s selfish and causes danger for pedestrians,” the post said – adding: “PLEASE STOP parking like this!” The post, published anonymously, attracted dozens of comments from local residents fed up with nuisance parking.,

One person said: “Porsche drivers think they own the road or should I say pavement.” “Maybe the police should impound it,” another said. “Might learn his lesson if he has to pay to get it back.”

And a third said: “Looks to me like another person with a car that’s worth more than there house. That’s why they are trying to protect it.”

But some leapt to the defence of the motorist, referencing the manner in which other cars in the picture had been parked and a perceived lack of adequate parking on the road. Others said that, while frustrating, nuisance parking was not something the police would be interested in investigating.

But dangerous parking is a matter for police, as evidenced by a recent post on the Leamington Police Facebook page. The post, published on Wednesday (March 29) explained how officers from the Leamington Safer Neighbourhood Team had been out on parking patrol in Sydenham, Whitnash and Lillington.

A picture of a Volvo SUV parked fully across a pavement was shared. “Words of advice have been given to several drivers and two traffic offence reports have been issued, including to the below driver (pictured) who was obstructing the pavement and the view from the junction in Whitnash,” the post said.

“We will continue patrols around schools as often as we can, and fines will be issued where appropriate.”

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