Truckies Breathe Sigh Of Relief Brynderwyns Reopening Early But …

Trucking companies that operate in Northland are breathing a sigh of relief that State Highway 1 over Northland’s Brynderwyn Hills will temporarily reopen in both directions from noon today — the first time since Cyclone Gabrielle struck last month.

National Road Carriers Association (NRC) Commercial Transport Specialist Paula Rogers said Northland members are very appreciative that the road across the Brynderwyn Hills is opening earlier than expected.

“The closure of State Highway 1 at the Brynderwyns has severely impacted the industry in terms of cost, time and productivity.

“NRC and our members support the planned closure in April because it is paramount remaining works are completed quickly. Otherwise, with winter on its way, we could see another lengthy closure.

Ms Rogers said the disruption caused by the Brynderwyns closure highlighted the importance of having an alternative route between Auckland and Northland.

“An alternative route urgently needs to be put back on the table. The route through the Brynderwyns has served road users well for the past 50 plus years but with increased freight and passenger traffic between Auckland and Whangarei it is now not fit for purpose.”

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