A total of 101 offences were detected on the M4 over three days this …

The operation, which involves the use of an unmarked HGV to help detect offences such as drivers using mobile phones, or failing to wear a seatbelt, was held between junctions 14 and 18 of the motorway.

It is a joint initiative between National Highways and NRPOI (National Roads Policing Operations and Intelligence).

Over the course of the three day operation, 27 drivers were reported for using a mobile phone whilst driving, 28 for no seatbelt, 7 drivers were reported for not being in proper control of a vehicle, while three were found to have an insecure load.

PC Luke Hobbs, of the Roads Policing Unit, said: “The use of the HGV enables us to have a better view into vehicles using the M4 and it’s pretty unbelievable what some people get up to behind the steering wheel. Today, we saw one man eating his breakfast cereal, with both hands off the wheel, and a HGV driver watching a film on his laptop.

“The road requires your full attention at all times. This kind of behaviour, whilst completely stupid, could lead to a serious collision with devastating consequences.

“We’re committed to keeping our road network here in Wiltshire – which includes this busy stretch of the M4 – as safe as possible and we will continue to target those who fail to abide by the law and whose driving standards fall below that expected of a competent driver.”


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