Confusion over Hull roundabout that sees lots of ‘near misses’

If you have a driving licence in Hull, chances are that at some point at least one of the city’s major roundabouts will have caused you some level of frustration – whether that be due to a lack of clear signage or just the careless driving of other motorists.

Recently, there has been much debate over the correct way to navigate one of the major roundabouts on Hedon Road; namely the one by HMP Hull. The confusion over which lane is appropriate to use for each turnoff has caused enough confusion to prompt one local motorist to write to National Highways and seek advice.

On the Hull Traffic and Travel Facebook group, Nick posted: “Ok so I saw a post on here a while back about the roundabout on Hedon Road and which lane for which exit! So I thought I would email highways and get an absolute on it, just out of interest due to a few close calls over the years. Here is the response I received, hope it helps!”

The response from National Highways read: “We can advise that we’re carrying out a review of this roundabout later this year which is aimed at tackling issued such as those you’ve highlighted. In the meantime, we’ve attached a diagram which we hope explains the intended navigation of the roundabout clearly.”

The diagram shows the correct usage of each of the roundabout’s three lanes when approached from the westbound route on Hedon Road. The lefthand lane is for the first exit onto Hedon Road only, the middle lane is for both the first exit (Hedon Road) and the second exit (Old Hedon Road), and the third lane is exclusively for those turning right onto Southcoates Lane.

National Highways issued the following guidance
National Highways issued the following guidance

Responding to the post, Richard said: “thank you for this post confirms the Highway Code nicely. Might have it printed so I can hand out to people when they don’t stop to give way.”

Wesley, on the other hand, said: “Not hard to put a sign up, make it clear and sort the road markings out.” Codrin added: “I knew that but if you want to turn right from the second lane you’ll get a honk and a middle finger.”

Robert felt that HGVs were responsible for the issues on Southcoates roundabout. He said: “Big issue with this roundabout is HGV coming eastbound from town just pulling out on traffic turning down old hedon road or southcoates, have so many near hits their everyday it’s only a matter of time till someone’s seriously injured.”

Chris, a HGV driver, said: “It needs the inside lane deepening as driving a full size artic can be a bit tight and you end up running the kerb if there’s cars or another larger vehicle in that middle lane.”

Conversely, Bev felt it was people’s positioning on the road which was to blame. She said: “Problem is people don’t stay in their lane… and don’t check mirrors!! It’s standard driving peeps ffs.”


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