Fedex driver knocked out by rock while driving speaks from hospital

DECATUR COUNTY — A FedEx truck driver[1] was seriously injured Sunday morning when they were hit by a rock thrown through their windshield on Interstate 74 in Decatur County.

According to the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to the 127-mile marker of I-74 for a crash involving a semi.

“I really don’t remember anything but waking up to the EMT,” Travis Hampton said.

Hampton said he was driving the semi-truck when the incident happened. He said he was on his way to Greenwood, IN at the time.

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Decatur County Sheriff’s Office

 “I’m just thankful that my daughter was actually there to call someone because normally I’m out there by myself who knows how long I was out there,” Hampton added.

When the deputies arrived at the scene Hampton was found to be “semi-conscious” with significant injuries to his head. Deputies found significant damage to the vehicle’s windshield.

“I have facial fractures – they say I have broken bones in my face. I had to get my lip top to bottom stitched – I think they said I had to get a total of 27 stitches,” Hampton added.

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Decatur County Sheriff’s Office

According to the Sheriff’s office, evidence leads them to believe a rock was thrown through the windshield of the truck and knocked them unconscious. This led him to drive off the road and into the median of the interstate.

“I don’t recall anything like this ever happening in my 33 years in law enforcement in Decatur County,” Decatur County Sheriff’s Department Sheriff, Bill Meyerrose told WRTV.

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Decatur County Sheriff’s Office

Hampton said his 9-year-old daughter was in the truck with him at the time. He said she called 911.

“It’s very dangerous man – people could lose their life on the road doing something like that,” Hampton said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office at 812-663-8125.


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