Hours of delays after Port of Dover declares ‘critical incident’

Stranded coaches with tired and hungry passengers, lorries going nowhere fast and people living nearby fed up as local roads yet again clogged

Hundreds of people have faced long delays at the Port of Dover[1] on Saturday, April 1, after the port declared a ‘critical incident’. Some passengers reported waiting 17 hours in a queue[2] at the port. As KentLive reported this morning[3], the A20[4] was closed and the Port of Dover said it was “deeply frustrated” by the delays to coaches which it blamed on “lengthy French border processes and sheer volume”.

These pictures show just how snarled up the port was – with the queues of vehicles as far as the eye could see on the A20. As of 4pm on Saturday, one lane of the A20 remained closed due to Dover TAP, the temporary traffic management system which queues port-bound lorries in the left lane of the A20 after the Roundhill Tunnel to try to prevent Dover becoming congested with traffic.

At 3.19pm, the Port of Dover reported border processing times for coaches was “improving” and it was taking around one hour. It said: “Thank you for your continued patients as we work with partners to improve the situation.

Were you caught up in the chaos today at the Port of Dover? Let us know what it was like for you. Join the conversation with other Kent readers here[5].


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