National Railways Implement New Freight Train Diagram …

April 04, 2023 14:56:54

Source: People’s Daily

Author: Li Xinping

Newspaper, Beijing, April 3rd (Reporter Li Xinping)From 0:00 on April 1, the national railways will implement a new freight train operation diagram. After the map adjustment, the national railway freight capacity structure has been further optimized, and the domestic high value-added express cargo, coal and other bulk cargo and international intermodal cargo transportation capacity has been further enhanced.

After map adjustment, the supply of railway freight capacity will present the following new changes:

The capacity and scope of railway express cargo services have been further expanded. In order to meet the demand for high value-added cargo transportation, 79 domestic express freight trains have been added, with a total of 481 trains. At that time, the express cargo train will cover 37 of the 42 interconnection channels between the seven major regions of the country, adding four channels from Southwest to Central China[1], Southwest to Northeast, Southwest to Northwest, and Central China[2] to Northwest compared with the first quarter. Focusing on the demand for fast logistics services for rural specialty products, 15 express trains will be arranged to help rural specialty products “go global”.

The guarantee capacity of bulk cargo transportation was further improved. In order to better meet the needs of economic and social development in various regions and the production and living needs of the people, 41 bulk direct train lines operated by cross-railway bureau group companies have been added, with a total of 353 trains.

The ability to serve high-level opening up to the outside world[3] has been further enhanced. In order to better serve and support the high-quality development of the joint construction of the “Belt and Road”, and stabilize the international logistics supply chain, arrange the China[4]-Europe and Central-Asia trains, the Western Land-Sea New Corridor train, the China[5]-Laos Railway cross-border cargo train, and the Railway-Sea Express train The running line increased by 46 trains, bringing the total to 332 trains, an increase of 16%. Among them, 82 China[6]-Europe trains and 36 Central Asia trains have maintained stable operation; 4 more trains have been added to the Western Land-Sea New Corridor, bringing the total to 16; China[7]-Laos Railway has added 2 more cross-border cargo trains, The total number of trains has reached 6, and a total of 14 cross-border freight trains have been operated; 40 additional trains have been opened on the Railway-Sea Express, and the total number has reached 192, covering 19 ports.

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