Police investigate confrontation between driver, SaskTel Centre …

Saskatoon Police say they are investigating a physical confrontation between the driver of a pickup truck and two parking attendants after a playoff hockey game between the Regina Pats and Saskatoon Blades hockey game Sunday night.

A 40-second video of the incident outside has been circulating online, garnering more than 49,000 views as of Monday evening, with a man approaching the attendants, who are wearing yellow and orange hi-vis safety vests.

The driver is seen kicking one of the attendants and arguing before returning to his vehicle.

Police said in an email to CBC News they are continuing to investigate and no charges have been laid.

The SaskTel Centre said it’s aware of the situation and that it’s taking the situation “very seriously.”

“The safety and well-being of our employees is our top priority,” it said in an emailed statement.

Not common, but abuse against attendants happens

Alan Bolley has been working as a parking attendant at the SaskTel Centre for nearly 15 years, about 10 of them as a supervisor.

While it’s not common, he wasn’t surprised by what he saw in the video, just angry.

Bolley has endured abuse in his work, including being yelled at.

“I’ve had to jump out of the way of vehicles … I have been hit in the past by vehicles, we’ve had people get pissed off and they’ve run through the barricades, run through cones because they don’t like the way we’re doing things,” Bolley said.

“Does it happen every event? No. But does it happen? Yes.”

That abuse is doled out from taxi drivers and Uber drivers, alongside regular attendees, Bolley said.

He asked that people have patience when leaving the event because there is a method to how attendants manage the situation that drivers may not see, including keeping the pedestrians safe.

“We’re out there trying to make sure that you guys get to the event safely and you get home safely,” he said.

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