RV Driver Misjudges Lane Change And Gets PIT Maneuvered By …

It is unclear if anyone in the motorhome was injured in the shocking crash

by Brad Anderson

March 31, 2023 at 21:16

by Brad Anderson

The driver of a big motorhome[1] in Washington State recently got the fright of their life after being inadvertently hit by a semi-truck and crashing on I-5.

Footage of the incident[2] was recently shared to YouTube and filmed from the dashcam of the truck. As the video progresses, the large blue and white recreational vehicle (RV) can be seen slowly overtaking the semi before the driver flicks on their turn signal and begins to merge to the right and into the same lane. Things quickly go wrong from here.

The driver of the RV appears to have severely underestimated the length of their vehicle and changes lanes directly into the path of the semi. With nowhere to go, the front corner of the semi[3] is struck by the rear of the motorhome.

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We can then see that the rear of the RV slams into the concrete crash barrier, lifting it up onto two wheels and sending it to the left where it spears across the road. Fortunately, the barrier prevented it from crossing over to the other side of the Interstate but it did destroy the RV leaving it resting on a 45-degree angle on the asphalt.

Remarkably, the RV didn’t take out any other motorists while it was barrelling across the road. It is unclear if the occupants were injured in the crash[5] but given the damage sustained to the vehicle, they clearly won’t be taking another vacation anytime soon.

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