Terrifying video shows catering truck crashing into parked airplane …

GUADALAJARA, MEXICO: A horrifying video that recently surfaced online shows a catering truck slamming into a parked Viva Aerobus airplane which was filled with passengers at the Guadalajara International Airport in Mexico. The incident reportedly took place on Friday, March 31, 2023, after the driver fainted behind the wheel[1] and accidentally slammed his vehicle into the parked jet.


The dramatic footage, which was captured by a security camera at the Guadalajara International Airport, showed the truck approaching the parked aircraft before crashing into its fuselage. The plane was reportedly set to depart from Guadalajara and land in Los Angeles[2] but all passengers were evacuated after the crash left a hole in the rear[3] of the aircraft, the Daily Mail[4] reported. The latest incident comes a few months after another plane-truck crash left two firefighters dead at the Jorge Chavez International airport[5] in Lima, Peru. 

Nepal plane crash: Chilling video shot by passenger moments before disaster shows a ‘hellish’ scene[6]

Two killed, 11 critically injured as pickup truck collides into group of cyclists in Arizona[7]

The driver involved in the Mexican airport incident was operating a catering truck and delivering food to another airplane parked nearby when he suddenly lost consciousness, Viva Aerobus confirmed in a statement provided to the publication.

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No injuries were reported in the Guadalajara Airport plane-truck crash

While the plane and catering truck crash at the Guadalajara International Airport left people concerned, no passengers or crew members suffered any injuries. Airplane crew onboard the Viva Aerobus flight were able to safely evacuate all the passengers from the plane, the outlet reported. However, the catering truck driver’s health condition and the extent of his injuries were not revealed to the public. In the wake of the incident, the passengers were reportedly transferred to a second aircraft and successfully flown to Los Angeles later in the day, according to the publication.


Back in 2017, an Aeromexico passenger jet crashed into a utility truck on a taxiway moments after it landed at the Los Angeles International Airport. While passengers and crew members on the plane remained unharmed, eight employees aboard the truck were injured.

‘Accidents that should not be repeated’

As videos of the Guadalajara International Airport crash showing the catering truck crashing into a parked aircraft circulated online, the internet also reacted to the incident. “They are accidents that should not be repeated because they are human failures,” one user wrote in Spanish. “It is a minor incident because there were no passengers or fires or anything involved in a crash and that’s it the driver gets well and the insurance fixes it and the hole is fixed and that’s it,” another explained.


“Such a large runway and it collided with the plane, I was sure entertained with the cell phone,” one user criticized. Another added, “I would not want to be in the shoes of the poor driver.”

Son accidentes , que no deben repetirse porque son fallas humanas

— TATI (@Teoroga) April 2, 2023[8]



Es un incidente sin importancia px no había viajeros ni incendios ni nada asido un choque y ya está que se ponga bien el conductor y ya los seguros lo soluciona y el boquete se arregla y ya está

— José Antonio López Ruiz (@JosAnto08831957) April 2, 2023[9]


Una pista tan grande y choca con el avión seguro iba entretenido con el celular

— Capricornio (@maxcapri58) April 2, 2023[10]



No quisiera estar en los zapatos del pobre chófer

— Joseph Hdz (@JosepHdz85) April 2, 2023[11]


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