Texas Race Results: April 1, 2023 (NASCAR Truck Series)

NASCAR race results from Texas Motor Speedway

Next up, the NASCAR Truck Series has the stage in Fort Worth, Texas. It’s the SpeedyCash.com 220 on the 1.54-mile of Texas Motor Speedway.

View Texas race results for the NASCAR Truck Series below.

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Nick Sanchez and Jack Wood set the front row. 167 laps of truck racing are up next…

Texas TrucksStage 1 – Report

Laps: 77 (1-77 / 167)

Green, Ty Majeski shoves Sanchez to the lead into turn one. Chad Chastain spins off turn two and tags the wall, caution.

Green, Majeski shoves Sanchez to the lead once more. Majeski bobbles, Eckes takes 2nd away view the outside lane.

Lap 8, Kris Wright tags the wall off turn two, no caution.

Lap 21, caution as Chad Chastain spins for a second time off turn two.

Green, Sanchez and Eckes run side by side off turn two. Sanchez holds him off via the inside lane.

Lap 36, the competition caution is out.

Green, Sanchez and Eckes run door to door at the front. Sanchez noses ahead as they return to turn one.

Nick Sanchez wins stage one at Texas Motor Speedway!

Texas Race Results (Stage 1) : 1. Nick Sanchez; 2. Ben Rhodes; 3. Christian Eckes; 4. Ty Majeski; 5. Zane Smith; 6. Dean Thompson; 7. Corey Heim; 8. Chase Purdy; 9. Stewart Friesen; 10. Grant Enfinger;

Texas TrucksStage 2 – Report

Laps: 45 (76-120 / 167)

Green flag on stage two, Sanchez and Rhodes run side by side for the lead. Lawless Alan spins behind them, caution.

Green, Sanchez holds the lead as Rhodes and Eckes run side by side for 2nd.

Nick Sanchez cruises to the win in stage two at Texas Motor Speedway!

Texas Race Results (Stage 2) : 1. Nick Sanchez; 2. Christian Eckes; 3. Ben Rhodes; 4. Dean Thompson; 5. Zane Smith; 6. Tanner Gray; 7. Corey Heim; 8. Chase Purdy; 9. Taylor Gray; 10. Matt Crafton;

Texas TrucksStage 3 – Report

Laps: 47 (121-167 / 167)

Green flag on stage three, Sanchez is clear before turn one with a push from Zane Smith.

36 to go, Zane Smith is on the bumper of Nick Sanchez in the battle for the lead. Ben Rhodes has closed on both of them.

34 to go, Smith slides Sanchez for the lead, Sanchez crosses under him. They nearly bang doors off turn two. Smith loses momentum, Rhodes to 2nd. Rhodes dives inside of Sanchez for the lead, Rhodes gets loose and chases it up the hill, Smith back to 2nd.

31 to go, caution as Jack Wood rolls through the grass.

Green, Sanchez and Smith run side by side into turn one and off turn two.

23 to go, Dean Thompson spins off turn four. As he slides across the track, Matt Mills slams into his door. Trey Hutchens and Armani Williams are collected. The red flag is out.

NASCAR driver placed on stretcher after Texas crash (Video)[13]

Green with 17 to go, Zane Smith runs wide into turn one. Nick Sanchez holds the lead.

12 to go, Zane Smith is all over the bumper of Nick Sanchez.

11 to go

11 to go, Daniel Dye and Taylor Gray tangle, caution.

Green with 7 to go, Sanchez and Smith run side by side for the lead. Hocevar runs Majeski up the hill behind them.

Matt Crafton spins in turn four. They ran three wide into turn three, Colby Howard was pinched to the bottom, tagging Crafton. Grant Enfinger and others are collected, caution.

Green in NASCAR Overtime, Sanchez and Smith run even into turn one. They fight for space off turn two. Lawless Allan spins from 9th off turn two, caution.

Green in NASCAR Overtime #2, Sanchez and Smith run near even once more into turn one. They nearly rub doors into turn three.

1 to go, they remain side by side off turn four. They bang wheels under the flagstand! Sanchez gets loose through the tri-oval. Sanchez cuts the grass and as he comes back on track, Carson Hocevar tags him in the bumper. Sanchez is spun back across the track, he collects Zane Smith. The leaders have crashed and the yellow is out!

Carson Hocevar wins at Texas Motor Speedway!

Texas Motor SpeedwayRace ResultsApril 1, 2023NASCAR Truck Series

Pos | Driver

1. Carson Hocevar

2. Chase Purdy

3. Stewart Friesen

4. Ty Majeski

5. Jake Garcia

6. Hailie Deegan

7. Corey Heim

8. Ben Rhodes

9. Jack Wood

10. Kris Wright

11. Mason Massey

12. Matt Crafton

13. Christian Eckes

14. Jack Wood

15. Nick Sanchez

16. Zane Smith

17. Grant Enfinger

18. Lawless Alan

19. Rajah Caruth

20. Colby Howard

21. Josh Reaume

22. Spencer Boyd

23. Bret Holmes

24. Taylor Gray

25. Daniel Dye

26. Tyler Ankrum

27. Tanner Gray

28. Dean Thompson

29. Armani Williams

30. Trey Hutchens

31. Matt Mills

32. Matt DiBenedetto

33. Keith McGee

34. Chad Chastain

NASCAR Truck SeriesPoint Standings



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