Tia and Elizabeth go to truck driving school

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – You’ll see another generation of commercially-licensed drivers on the road next week!

NMU’s CDL program is wrapping up its current class and students are gearing up to take their driver’s test this week.

Tia Trudgeon and Elizabeth Peterson take their show on the road to Northern Michigan University to learn more about the truck driving school.

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NMU’s Commercial Driver’s License Truck Driving Program is in its fifth year. The program runs classes every 4-5 weeks and culminates with the student driver test.

Director of Continuing Education and Workforce Development Stephanie Zadroga-Langlois says the program also sets students up for the Electrical Line Technician Program.

NMU’s CDL programs run every 5 weeks. Here’s what the program entails.

CDL Instructor David Crawford says there’s no shortage of jobs in the trucking industry and CDL holders will always have work.

He drives Tia and Elizabeth around in the semi.

Tia and Elizabeth take a ride in a semi.

Finally, Tia and Elizabeth get behind the wheel of a semi.

Tia and Elizabeth get behind the wheel of a semi with NMU CDL instructors.

You can learn more about NMU’s Truck Driving School and register at nmu.edu/continuingeducation/cdl-program[1].

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