TOWIE star Dan Osborne slapped with complaints over ‘dangerous …

Dan Osborne has been slapped with complaints over “dangerous” driving. The Only Way is Essex[1] star Dan – who is married to BBC[2] EastEnders[3] star Jacqueline Jossa, who previously won ITV[4] I’m A Celebrity[5] – has been warned he “could have killed someone”.

TOWIE star Dan posted a picture of himself stuck in traffic down south today (Thursday April 20). The TV star and dad told fans: “I hate Dartford crossing!” But the government’s rules read: “You must not use a device in your hand for any reason, whether online or offline.

“For example, you must not text, make calls, take photos or videos, or browse the web. The law still applies to you if you’re: stopped at traffic lights, queuing in traffic, supervising a learner driver, driving a car that turns off the engine when you stop moving, holding and using a device that’s offline or in flight mode.”

John Scruby, from the Campaign Against Drink Driving told The Sun newspaper in the wake of the incident: “Mobile phone use whilst driving has been proven to be a dangerous practice. It is one of the four main causes of serious injury and fatal collisions. Along with excessive and inappropriate speed, failing to wear a seat belt and drink or drug driving they are known as the Fatal 4.”

He continued: “The recent changes to road traffic legislation, and the associated fines have been well publicised, but still on a daily basis, drivers can be seen with a phone to their ear, or glancing down to their lap where the phone is. That glance or press of a key could quite easily become the catalyst to start the chain of events leading to yet another tragedy.

“Even when stationary or in slow-moving traffic, don’t be tempted to check emails or messages and notifications.”


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