Weekend job: TCP reels load-out in IJmuiden

Weekend plan for project logistics companies are never the same, and often don’t include switching off until Monday. Lubbers Projects and Services and its sister company, Lubbers Road Transport were kept busy by a couple of large reels with Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP). 

The load-out in the port of IJmuiden was coordinated by Lubbers Projects and Services, for its customer Strohm. Two large reels with TCP and multiple loads with supporting equipment needed to be transported to and loaded on a vessel for a large project in Asia. The 40- and 70-Ton weighing reels had a diameter of 10.20 meters and a width of 5.77 meters.

Weekend job: TCP reels load-out in IJmuiden

Key cooperation

The supporting equipment for this project needed to be mobilised with the hotshot service from Lubbers Road Transport from the United Kingdom to IJmuiden, the Netherlands.

For lifting the heavy reels, Lubbers turned to its partner Schot Groep that prepared a professional lifting plan and supplied the 500-ton telescopic crane. It was decided to make use of partner Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff for the exceptional transports. These were carried out by using a 10-axle platform trailer.

Two supervisors from Lubbers Projects and Services and Lubbers Global Freight were present during the load-out to coordinate the project.

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