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Worcestershire Highways has issued warnings and road closures across the weekend after the county was hit by flash flooding. 

The cyclist rode down Pershore Road into fast-flowing flood water after Eckington Bridge was closed for public access due to rising water levels[1].

The bridge was initially closed yesterday (Saturday) and continues to be closed today. 

A Worcestershire Highways spokesperson said: “Eckington Bridge remains closed due to flooding.

“Please do not attempt to cross.

“This advice applies to all traffic, including cyclists – the gentleman pictured ignored our polite request and endangered himself by riding through fast-flowing flood water.”

Malvern Gazette: STRANDED: Three people rescued from car in DroitwichSTRANDED: Three people rescued from car in Droitwich (Image: NQ)

Heavy rainfall on Friday caused road chaos across Worcestershire. 

The county was impacted by road closures, event cancellations and businesses closing.

Some residents also had to be rescued from their cars after driving into pools of water. 

In one incident, three people had to be taken to safety[3] when they drove their grey Volkswagen into flood water on Horton Lane.

Another incident in Stocks Lane, Malvern, had fire crews rescuing two individuals from their car.

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An eyewitness watching cars being stuck in water on Stocks Lane said: “The railway crossing has been affected by flooding.

“Everyone is turning around.

“Just seen a car towing a caravan.

“They are going to be stuck – it is a very narrow lane.”

Malvern Gazette: CLOSED: Leigh Sinton was shut due to flash floodingCLOSED: Leigh Sinton was shut due to flash flooding (Image: NQ)

On Friday, passengers were also experiencing delays across a busy Worcestershire Railway line. 

The line was blocked twice between Forgate Street and Hereford, firstly at Malvern Link station due to flooding and secondly at Ledbury Tunnel.

West Midlands Railway requested six coaches to shuttle passengers in both directions between Hereford and Worcester Shrub Hill and serve all intermediate stations while the line was closed.

Businesses like The Feathers Hotel in Ledbury also had to make cancellations across the weekend.

Malvern Gazette: River Severn's banks burst in WorcesterRiver Severn’s banks burst in Worcester (Image: NQ)

Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service attended the hotel after it became waterlogged.

A spokesperson for HWFR said they attended the flood to isolate the electrics in the building and they advised the hotel to contact an electrician.

Further flood warnings have been issued for the River Severn and the level is currently high at 2.98 meters.

According to the Met Office, Worcestershire is not expecting any more heavy rainfall for the rest of the week. 

Rain is expected on Thursday. 


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