Arrest report: Police dispatchers listen as man kills dad during argument

Las Vegas (KSNV) — The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is releasing more information regarding a recent where a man killed his father as dispatchers listened on the other end. Isaac Velasquez is facing an open murder charge, as well as a domestic battery charge, after police say he allegedly killed his father, identified as Manuel Velasquez, and also battered his mother during the incident[1] on Tuesday, November 28. According to an arrest report, the mother told investigators that she had taken Isaac to CVS to get his medication, and when they returned, he went to Smith’s with his father to get eggs so he could bake a cake.

The parents went to bed while Isaac stayed in the kitchen, and they were later awakened by a loud noise that sounded like glass breaking and then what sounded like a gunshot. The woman says she sent her husband to check up on Isaac, which turned into an argument about the gun he had. MORE ON NEWS 3 | Police officer injured in two-vehicle crash at Las Vegas Boulevard in south valley[2]

Both parents tried to get the gun out of Isaac’s possession, leading him to strangle his mother while on the floor and possibly shoot his dad in the leg, the report states. The mother says she then left the residence after Isaac pistol-whipped and pointed the gun at her. She stated that she fled the residence with both Isaac and Manuel still inside but left her phone back, which was connected to 911.

Dispatchers could then listen to what was happening between Isaac and Manuel after the mother took off. After several gunshots went off, dispatchers heard Isaac say, “Hey ambulance, I killed my own father,” followed by three minutes of Isaac talking to his dad, saying, “Hey dad, God bless you in hell [expletive].” Throughout the call, Manuel can also be heard telling Isaac, “I’m dead, Isaac, I’m dead,” to which Isaac was heard replying, “I know you are still alive,” followed by three more gunshots and what sounded like a gun being cocked.

After that, Manuel is not heard talking anymore. Isaac was arrested nearby after fleeing the scene and trying to hide in a nearby bush. He was transported to the Clark County Detention Center and is facing an open murder charge, as well as a domestic battery charge.

He’s being held without bail and is due back in court on December 4.


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