Derbion thief says he stole sci-fi toys ‘because everybody loves Star Wars’

A thief from Derby who targeted toy stores in the city centre told a court he stole sci-fi figurines “because everybody loves Star Wars”. Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court[1] heard that Jason Davies took the items to sell as he has no money to pay for gas or his council tax at the Heatherton Village home she shares with his 24-year-old son. The 44-year-old’s sentencing hearing was told how he twice entered shops inside the Derbion Centre[2] and either took or attempted to steal the highly collectable figures. But on the second occasion he went into Toy Planet, he was recognised and held by security staff until the police arrived.

District Judge Andrew Meachin[3] asked Clare James, Davies’ solicitor: “Why does he target Star War items, that’s what I’d like to know?” After a short discussion with her client in the dock, she replied: “He says everybody loves Star Wars and will get a good price for him. The first lot that has never been recovered he sold for GBP60.” POLL: What’s the best thing to do in Derbyshire on a rainy day?[4]

Pardeep Kalyan, prosecuting, said the first theft happened at Toy Planet at around 4pm on October 25. He said: “The defendant walked in carrying two bags and went straight over to the Star Wars section, concealed figurines in one of the bags and left. The total value of the items on that occasion was GBP285.

“Then, on October 31, again at around 4pm, he entered the same store but was recognised by the security staff and was kept there until the police arrived. On being searched there were several items that were in his possession which had been stolen from (the store) Game but they have since been returned to that store. “While in custody (at St Mary’s Wharf police station) a detention officer goes to the defendant’s cell and he throws a cup of coffee through the hatch over the officer.” Davies, of Danby Road, pleaded guilty to two counts of theft, one of attempted theft and a fourth charge of assaulting an emergency worker.

He has previous convictions including theft, Mr Kalyan said. Miss James, defending, said her client suffers from a number of mental health conditions and has been formally diagnosed with social anxiety, borderline personality disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). She said he is the carer for his son who lives with him and who also suffers with mental health difficulties.

Miss James said: “He used to work as a lorry driver but has not worked since 2007 due to his issues and has significant debt including council tax (arrears) and he has not had gas at his property for the past six months. “He has been struggling to pay his debts which is why he committed these offences. In terms of the assault, he tells me the officer was mocking him and that is why he threw the drink.

“He tells me he just wants some help for himself and his family.” Judge Meachin handed Davies a 12-month community order with 20 rehabilitation sessions with the probation service.

He also ordered him to pay GBP285 compensation, GBP85 prosecution costs and a GBP114 victim surcharge.


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