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The cheapest places to buy petrol and diesel in every part of Wales

Looking to save a couple of pounds when filling up your car? We’ve kept our eye out for the cheapest rates of fuel no matter where you live in Wales. At present, the latest UK national average price for unleaded petrol is 139.89p and for diesel, it is 147.78p.

For super unleaded, it is 155.01p, whilst the average cost for LPG is 86.43p. According to the RAC, the price you pay for petrol and diesel at the pumps is governed by wholesale fuel prices – the price retailers pay – which are themselves affected by the global price of crude oil. And that in turn is governed by supply and demand for crude oil, oil refinery production and capacity, the pound to dollar exchange rate, as refined fuel is sold in US dollars per metric tonne, distribution costs, the margin (profit) fuel retailers decide to take, fuel duty charged by the Government, currently 52.95p a litre and VAT charged at the end of every forecourt fuel transaction, currently at 20%.


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