Major Changes Coming to Colorado Walmart and Target Stores Due to Theft

Theft continues to be a major problem for businesses in Colorado[1]. Customers using the five-finger discount is putting a major financial strain on both small companies and large corporations. Last year, stores lost £112.1 billion due to retail theft[2] in the United States.

Think about the thefts this way. If you or I had £112.1 billion you could buy over 2 million brand-new Ford F-150 trucks. That is a lot of cash.

Most Commonly Stolen Items in Colorado




You might have noticed that when you walk into a Walmart or a Target in Colorado certain items require you to get a staff member to unlock a case to purchase an item. Most commonly, video games are behind plexiglass.

Playing cards are also now commonly found locked away. There is a new item that is being stolen so often that it is now locked away.

This item is way more strange than Pokemon cards or the latest Call of Duty video game.

Strange Item Now Requires Lock and Key



loading… Target and Walmart stores in Colorado will now have underwear locked up[3] in their stores. Yes, you read that correctly.

People are stealing underwear so often that Target and Walmart need to lock these items up to reduce theft. Reportedly, Walmart and Target will also lock up other undergarments such as socks. Are people seriously stealing underwear so often that we need to do this?

It’s an unfortunate reality that people will steal nearly anything they can get their hands on.

There are no other reports of other items being locked up.

If there are, we will keep you updated.

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