Postmaster Sought For Cowes

Tuesday, 16 January 2024 09:16

By Dominic Kureen @WriteOnDom[1]

The postmaster at Cowes Post Office has given notice to leave at the end of March 2024 sparking the hunt for a replacement. So far, the Post Office has been unsuccessful in filling the post and is now appealing to local councillors and the Island’s MP to help retain services in the centre of Cowes. MP Bob Seely said:

“I was contacted by the Post Office who asked me to help them in their search to find a new postmaster for Cowes. I am very happy to help whenever I can, I know these services are important to residents and it would be a great shame to see them disappear. “I would appeal to all local businesses in Cowes to consider whether they could incorporate a Post Office Local service into their existing business.

“In Newport, incorporating Post Office services into an existing store has proved to be successful.

The same could be done in Cowes on a smaller scale.”

Anyone wishing to register their interest can do so by clicking on the following link[2].


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