Prolific shoplifter who stole everything from prosecco to gammon put on tag

A prolific shoplifter who stole everything from prosecco to gammon during a spree in Atherstone[1] has been put on tag. Macala Albrighton of South Street has also been put on curfew for eight weeks. It follows a mini crime spree in which the 44-year-old woman targeted shops in the town.

Police say that on December 23, Albrighton visited a shop on Long Street, selected three bottles of prosecco, and then left without attempting to pay. The next day, Christmas[2] Eve, Albrighton came back and tucked a gammon joint into her handbag before making her way out of the rear doors of the shop. Shortly afterwards, Albrighton was stopped by police and arrested, with the meat still in her bag.

She admitted to both offences, and that the CCTV footage did show her on both occasions. Police say that Albrighton was asked whether the thefts were to fund a drug habit and denied this. But she later tested positive for cocaine.

Albrighton was arrested again on January 11 and charged with four additional counts of shoplifting. Three of these were in connection to thefts in Long Street on November 30. One was for stealing from a bakery on Long Street, one for stealing a multi-tool from greetings card shop and one for stealing two bottles of port from a shop.

The other charge was for stealing GBP130 worth of meat and alcohol from a supermarket on Station Street on November 25. At Coventry[4] Magistrates Court on January 12, Albrigton pleaded guilty to all of the charges on January 12. Following the sentencing, PC Taylor said “We are going to spend the next 20 days at least making sure that Macala Albrighton is aware of the resources available to her in terms of reforming her behaviour.

“After eight weeks of the tag, we’re hoping that Albrighton will think twice before stealing from the local shops again.”

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