Strict new eye test rules could see 17 million drivers taken off road

Strict new eye test rules could see 17 million UK drivers taken off the roads, according to warnings[1]. Experts from[2] warned that drivers who are unable to see well in the dark could have their licence revoked as the DVSA tightens driving requirements. The current eye test[3] asks motorists to read a number plate from 20 metres away in good daylight.

But in a bid to make the roads safer, the good daylight aspect could soon be scrapped in favour of a more realistic test across the UK. Experts from predict compulsory and regular eyesight tests in dark conditions could be introduced. This would widen the test to make it more realistic and akin to driving at nighttime and in murky and drab UK weather conditions.

Tim Alcock from, said: “The skills needed to drive in the dark are different from those needed in daylight, which means more people than ever could see their licences revoked if they fail a potentially new eyesight test. “Although we don’t know exactly what the new rules will be, the DVSA has highlighted the lack of light levels in current eye tests as a problem. The current eyesight tests only require reading a number plate from 20 metres in good daylight, and it’s not a true reflection of someone’s visibility.

“A staggering 17 million drivers in the UK admit to having trouble seeing in the dark, which could be a huge problem if this new eyesight test is introduced.

We expect they could also take a toll on the number of eligible elderly drivers, who are more likely to have eye conditions and fading night vision.

“If you notice a change in vision or struggle to drive in the dark, it is important to get checked by a professional and inform the DVLA.”


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