The Greater Manchester road that’s left parents ‘in fear for their kids’

A decade-long campaign to bring in safety measures on a road in Oldham[1] where parents ‘live in fear or their kids’ has finally succeeded. Under Lane, which connects the Saddleworth[2] village of Grotton to Mossley via Lees[3] road, has long caused anxiety because of daily speeding incidents. Councillors have struggled to secure funding to introduce a new speed limit or enforcement measures.

But earlier this month, a long-running campaign was rewarded with the placement of a rumble strip to alert drivers to their speed. Alicia Marland, councillor for Saddleworth West and Lees and leader of the campaign, said: “Under Lane in Grotton is a place where lots of people are concerned about vehicle speeds so this has been on our wish list for a very long time. Try MEN Premium now for FREE… just click here[4] to give it a go

“This stretch of road is narrow, it has no pavement, there is a blind exit from Quickedge Lane and there is limited residents parking which results in double parking on Under Lane. It’s an accident waiting to happen.” She told the MEN of frequent concerns raised by residents about pedestrian safety.

Cllr Marland said: “One resident made contact last week who has primary school children who are at an age where they feel they’re independent enough to walk to school. But the parents live in fear that something’s going to happen to them because of the speed at which people come racing down the road.” The new rumble strips were applied to the entrance of Grotton by National Highways earlier this month.

These lines that run across the lane cause a rumbling sound inside cars that drive over them, warning drivers to slow down for the 30mph limit on the road ahead. Rumble strips can lower the risk of a serious accident by around 20-30 percent, according to some studies. Cllr Mark Kenyon, another councillor for the area, said: “We can’t sit by and do nothing as this route is hazardous for both pedestrians and vehicles but I’m pleased to say that this is just the start of several traffic safety projects that we are moving forward with this year.

Many of these projects will have a positive impact on local schools where safety is our highest priority. Obviously we can’t fix all of the dangerous driving all of us witness on a daily basis, but that shouldn’t stop us trying “. Local councillors Marland, Kenyon and Sam Al Hamdani said they were ‘delighted’ by the new strips.

“Still, I think there is more to be done because unfortunately people just don’t understand how dangerous that road can be,” Cllr Marland said. Though the road is a regular hotspot for dangerous driving, according to the councillors, a lack of accident data has made it difficult for more serious measures to be put in place. Cllr Marland urges residents to report any incidents they see or hear even if they do not result in an injury.

It is possible to report dangerous driving to the non-emergency Police number 101.


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