These are the 5 headlines you should read this morning

A woman was killed outside of an elementary school in Calgary, Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley plans to step down and a look at the spread of tiny shelter communities. Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

1. ‘Targeted incident’: Calgary police are investigating after a woman was killed outside a southwest elementary school[1].

2. Rachel Notley’s exit: Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley, who announced she plans to step down[2] from the job she’s held for nearly a decade, says running for the federal NDP or “any other party” is “not going to happen.”

3. Saskatchewan killings: An RCMP major crime investigator played a coroner’s inquest[3] an urgent 911 call from a James Smith Cree Nation resident pleading for help after being attacked by Myles Sanderson, who killed 11 people in 2022.

4. Vacation controversy: Members of the House ethics committee are set to meet later this morning to discuss the prime minister’s December holiday trip[4] to Jamaica.

5. ‘Missing Teeth’: As the federal government’s national dental insurance program[5] continues to roll out, a new report argues that the plan leaves too many Canadians without coverage and need an additional £1.45 billion in funding. One more thing… Tiny shelter communities are popping up across Canada.

Here’s what they offer[6]

A project by Now Housing in the Region of Waterloo focuses on creating temporary shelters for people experiencing homelessness. (Now Housing)


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