WATCH: Maggie Oliver fumes at Rochdale police failings

Former Rochdale grooming gangs detective who worked on Operation Span and now campaigner, Maggie Oliver, says failures are “still happening” surrounding the scandal.Maggie Oliver told GB News that the report into the police failings reflects on “the past”, and wants to bring to light “what is going on today”.Oliver told host Patrick Christys: “This this is not just a report. This is the story of many lives that have been destroyed, and I have been really insistent today to say that this is not just about Rochdale. This is a systemic problem and I would like to broaden it beyond just the grooming gangs. “This story took 12 years for the truth that I was speaking to be formally confirmed as being the truth.

And throughout all those years the police, social services have pretended that everything, that that job was a great job for British justice. “It should not have taken 12 years for this to be confirmed, that it was a failed job, that dozens of victims were failed, that the authorities chose not to put resources into this.”WATCH ABOVE.