Darlington thug stood on wife’s neck after he punched her

Anthony Baron-Palmer flew into a rage after he accused his wife of ignoring him while talking on her phone to a friend following a night out. The 39-year-old grabbed the mobile phone out of her hand before launching the attack on her as he believed she was ignoring his sexual advances. Teesside Crown Court heard how Baron-Palmer applied that much force when he stood on his wife’s neck that she thought she was going to die.

Shaun Dryden, prosecuting, said: “The defendant punched her to the head, that blow caused her to fall to the ground in the living room. “He then put his bare right foot on her neck while she was on the floor and she described feeling a cracking pressure and was struggling to breathe. “While this was happening, the defendant was screaming at her but she couldn’t recall what he was saying.

“She managed to wriggle free and he kicked her in the ribs and punched her in the face again.” Mr Dryden said Baron-Palmer then sat down on the sofa with her mobile phone and she managed to run away contact the police. In a victim impact statement, she said: “This was the worst night of my life, for your husband to punch you and stand on your throat until nearly passing out, is not the actions of someone who loves you.

“That night I thought I was going to die.” Mr Dryden said the defendant had previous convictions for violence committed against the same partner and was under the influence of drink and cocaine when he committed the latest offences. The Northern Echo: Anthony Baron-PalmerAnthony Baron-Palmer (Image: Durham Constabulary)

Baron-Palmer, of Lowther Drive, Darlington[1], pleaded guilty to non-fatal strangulation and common assault following his violent outburst on November 26 last year. See more court stories from The Northern Echo by clicking here[2] Get all the latest crime and court updates, for less than the price of a coffee, with a Premium Plus digital subscription to The Northern Echo.

Special offer currently in place for GBP5 for 5 months. Click here[3] John Brown, mitigating, said: “He accepts full responsibility for his actions and is aware of the outcome that will be coming.

“He does have a history of childhood trauma and he has not received the help that he needs for that and he has struggles with alcohol and other substances which has resulted in him being where he is today.”

Judge Richard Bennett sentenced Baron-Palmer to 22-months in custody for both offences.

He said: “This behaviour was not an isolated incident, you continued to be abusive following your previous convictions.”


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