Devon courts: Drug drivers, machete drama and 80-year-old jailed

A man caught with a 12-inch machete and an 80-year-old locked up for breaching environment regulations are among the cases in this week’s court round up. There are also cases involving a number of drug drivers. All criminal cases start at the magistrates.

The most serious are sent to crown court. Most defendants are dealt with by fines or community orders. Magistrates have the power to send people to prison for up to 12 months.

Here are the defendants appearing at magistrates courts in Exeter[1], Newton Abbot[2] and Barnstaple[3]. FEBARUARY 2 Daryl Hartshorn.

NFA, Barsnatple. Age: 41. On 05/01/2024 at Boutport Street, Barnstaple[4] resisted a constable.

Plea: Guilty. Fined GBP50. Nicholas Price, Kentisbury.

Age: 30. On 15/01/2024 at Ilfracombe[5] drove when alcohol above the limit, without insurance and licence. Plea: Guilty.

Disqualified for 40 months. Fined GBP633. Damien Carless, Hillsborough Road, Ilfracombe.

Age: 40. On 30/07/2021 at criminal damage to a Ford[6] Ranger to the value of GBP2,531. Plea: Guilty.

Community order for one year. Thinking Skills programme. Compensation GBP250.

Sammy Skinner, Oaklea Crescent, Barnstaple. Age: 28. On 22/10/2023 at Bridge Buildings Barnstaple criminal damage to wooden window.

Plea: Guilty. Fined GBP80. Compensation GBP50.

Zoe Veen, Victoria Terrace, Bideford[7]. Age: 31. On 09/09/2023 at Bideford assaulted a female by beating.

Plea: Guilty. Conditional discharge for nine months. Prashanth Nemuri, Boutport Street, Barnstaple.

Age: 32. On 20/11/2023 at Milltown failed to provide a specimen. Plea: Guilty.

Disqualified for 12 months. Fined GBP300. Ian Berwick, Roborough, Barnstaple.

Age: 63. On 19/07/2023 at Barnstaple assaulted a male. Plea: Guilty.

Conditional discharge for three months. Stewart Rich, Butts Park, Crediton[8]. Age: 36.

Between 23/09/2023 and 16/11/2023 at Crediton stalking of a female amounting to harassment. Plea: Guilty.

12 weeks custody suspended for two years. Building Better relationship programme.

Unpaid work for 120 hours. William Keen, Watkins Way, Bideford. Age: 49.

On 28/11/2023 at Barnstaple common assault on a police officer and criminal damage to custody cell. On 08/04/2023 at Bideford had without good reason or lawful authority, in a public place an article which had a blade or was sharply pointed, namely a wooden handled machete approximately 12 inches long. Plea: Guilty.

12 weeks in prison. Compensation of GBP125. Paul Teare, Blundells Road, Tiverton[9].

Age: 25. On 01/02/2024 at Tiverton drove whilst disqualified. Plea: Guilty.

Eight weeks suspended for 12 months. Unpaid work 40 hours. Disqualified for 18 months.

Gary Albert Taylor, NFA. Age: 63. On 01/02/2024 at Barnstaple rail station committed arson in that destroyed by fire rubbish bin to the value of GBP385 belonging to Great Western Railway.

Plea: Guilty. Committed to prison for six months. To pay compensation of GBP1,155.

Daniel Robert Mckenna, C/O Deer Park Avenue, Teignmouth[10]. Age: 28. On 06/12/2021 at Exeter[11] damaged CCTV systems to the value of GBP2,889.60 belonging to Devon Partnership NHS[12] Trust.

Plea: Guilty. To pay compensation of GBP2,889. FEBRUARY 5

Amy-Louise Daniel, The Promenade, Ilfracombe. Age: 31. On 27/05/2023 at Barnstaple drove when proportion of controlled drug above the limit.

Plea: Guilty. Disqualified for 17 months. Fined GBP200.

Daniel Brooking, Queensway, Tiverton. Age: 29. On 01/11/2023 at Southernhay West, Exeter, had possession of amphetamine and cannabis.

Plea: Guilty. Fined GBP80. FEBRUARY 6

Shahid Khan, NFA, Exeter. Age: 24. On 18/01/2024 at Fore Street Heavitree was drunk and disorderly.

Guilty. Conditional discharge for 12 months. Richard Courtney, Iolanthe Drive, Exeter.

Age: 38. On 23/09/2023 at Exeter drove when controlled drug above the limit. Plea: Guilty.

Disqualified for 12 months. Fined GBP227. Oliver Edwardes, Mead Close, Cullompton[13].

Age: 25. On 29/09/2023 at Cullompton drove when controlled drugs above limit. Plea: Guilty.

Disqualified for 14 months. Fined GBP120. Mark Langdon, Austen Cose, Exeter, Age: 33.

On 05/09/2023 at Exeter failed to comply with requirements of a football banning order. Plea: Guilty. Fined GBP120.

FEBRUARY 7 Roger Baker, Marshfield Court, Exeter. Age: 80.

Before 22/08/2019 at Pynes Farm, Poltimore, Exeter having been served with an enforcement notice by the Environmental Agency on unknown, failed to comply with or contravened a requirement imposed by that enforcement notice namely, that you failed to remove waste at Pynes Farm, Poltimore, Exeter by 22 August 2019. Plea: Admits Breach. Committed to prison for six weeks.

To pay costs of GBP4,731 to Environmental Agency. Charlae Dolan, aka Partridge. Mountain Close, Exmouth[14].

Age: 30. On 06/06/2023 at Torquay[15] assaulted a police officer and at Exmouth used threatening words or behaviour. Plea: Guilty.

Community order for six months. Fined GBP150. Izak Lees, The Street, Earsham.

Age: 30. On 02/09/2023 at Chivelstone Cross driver of a vehicle failed to stop after road accident and drove without due care and attention. Plea: Guilty.

Disqualified for 12 months. Fined GBP1,000.

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