Drug driver on M61 arrested with two unrestrained children and a defective tyre

Driver stopped on M61 i(Image: Lancs Police)/i

Driver stopped on M61 (Image: Lancs Police)

A suspect drug driver has been arrested on the motorway after two children were found unrestrained in the car.

Lancashire Police received a report about an unrestrained child and stopped the blue Ford car on the M61.

Police also found one defective tyre, two defective lights, and a missing indicator.

The driver then tested positive for cannabis and was arrested around 10pm on Monday, February 12.

Lancashire Telegraph: Lancashire Telegraph:

Lancashire Telegraph:

A spokesperson for Lancashire Road Police said: “Report received about a car driving with an unrestrained child.

“Car was stopped on M61 and two¬†unrestrained children [were] found along with one defective tyre, two defective lights, a missing indicator and the driver tested positive for cannabis and was arrested.”