Florida plane motorway crash victims identified after chilling final audio is released

Two people killed[1] after a plane[2] crashed into traffic have been formally identified as the pilot and co-pilot of the aircraft. The Collier County Sheriff’s Office identified 50-year-old Edward Daniel Murphy, of Oakland Park, and Ian Hofmann, 65, of Pompano Beach, both from Florida, as the two fatalities[3] from the I-75 crash[4]. Luckily, three people were able to escape with their lives.

Crew member Sydney Ann Bosmans, 23, of Jupiter, Florida, and two passengers – 35-year-old Aaron Baker and 23-year-old Audra Green – from Columbus, Ohio. All three were rushed to the hospital and treated for their injuries. The plane was just one minute away from making an emergency landing at Naples Airport, but released audio reveals the pilots knew they weren’t going to make it.

Ultimately the private aircraft crashed into a vehicle on the I-75Ultimately the private aircraft crashed into a vehicle on the I-75 (JoeBlow_808/Twitter)Two people died in the crash near Naples Airport in FloridaTwo people died in the crash near Naples Airport in Florida (JoeBlow_808/Twitter)

He told the control room: “OK, Challenger, Hop-A-Jet 823, lost both engines, emergency. I’m making an emergency landing. We’re clear to land but we’re not gonna make the runway.

We’ve lost both engines.” Seconds of silence follow this moment before panicky sounds can be heard coming from the microphones, MailOnline reports[6]. Traffic control radios back but it is already too late and the next message is one about an emergency taking place.

The family of co-pilot Ian described his calm voice in his disastrous last moments. A statement from the family said: “His last moments, calmly speaking with ATC as he tried to save the passengers and crew in the face of a desperate emergency of losing both engines at low altitude, is how we will always remember him.

Two people died in the crash near Naples Airport in FloridaThree people from the crash survived and were taken to hospital (TimWronka/Twitter)

For all the latest on news, politics, sports, and showbiz from the USA, go to The Mirror US[7] . “The family is in shock and devastated but want to express our thanks for the heartfelt support we have received.

We know our father died a hero doing his best to save everyone he could on the plane. We ask for prayers during this difficult time.” Mr Hofmann’s son Christopher said his father lived in Pompano Beach with his wife, Fox4 reports[8].

He described his father as “a hero that was able to get the plane on the ground and save the lives of the passengers and flight attendant.”

According to a GoFundMe[9] set up by the family, Ian had over 40 years of experience and 25,000 hours at Piedmont, US Airways and had been at Hop-A-Jet for two years.

Ian is survived by his wife Christina, former wife Joan Mathis, and his children Grant, Chris, Reed and Grace.


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