‘I bought a £2.50 Too Good To Go bag from Morrisons and was surprised at some of the items’

Too Good To Go bags have been gaining popularity over the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. Once you download the app, you are able to choose from a number of stores and restaurants and buy a surplus of food for a GBP2.50. The beauty of it is that you don’t know what you’re going to get but most of the time shoppers hit the jackpot, with lots of goodies packed inside the bag.

Morrisons is signed up to the app, and you can get your hands on a bag containing food from its canteen. One shopper managed to get their hands on a breakfast bag but was left surprised at some of the items she received. Writing for the Daily Star Layla Nicholson[1] said: “The smiley staff member handed the items in a paper bag – but would I be smiling at the ‘magic’ inside? Well, I certainly laughed that’s for sure.

“On my first dive into the carrier, I grabbed hold of a paper wallet with two slices of plain white toast. That’s right. Not one, but two incredibly dry-looking pieces of lightly browned bread.

First up she got two pieces of dry toastFirst up she got two pieces of dry toast

“I understand that the premise is to bag a deal and put the leftovers to good use, but don’t deprive a girl a bit of butter.

The thought of the dry crust scratching the roof of my mouth truly made me wish I kept the GBP2.50 in my pocket.” But it wasn’t all bad news for Layla, the bag also contained a whole breakfast muffin generously filled with sausage, egg and a slice of American-style cheese. The bag also contained a full English breakfast.

Presumably, that is what the two pieces of dry toast were for.

The muffin and fry up were much betterThe muffin and fry up were much better

However, Layla was unable to mop up the beans with the toast because they’d dried out. What’s more, the eggs were also a little on the dry side. Layla said: “Despite the fact that the egg could have seen better days, the rest of the fry up was certainly decent.

It included a rasher of bacon, a decent helping of mushrooms, three hash browns, and the real winner – three sausages.” She concluded: Now, I might have been a bit harsh on the packet of plain bread and the sad fried egg but all in all what a decent spread for GBP2.50. According to the app, the food is worth GBP8.

So I’ve definitely secured myself a bit of a bargain.

“Maybe I’ll have to invest in some portable butter for next time.”


  1. ^ Writing for the Daily Star Layla Nicholson (www.dailystar.co.uk)