Restaurant issues statement after car smashes into front as families eat dinner

A restaurant has thanked the community for its support after a car smashed into the front of it – as families ate their dinner. A suspected drink driver caused havoc after smashing into the Rokka Bar and Grill in Warrington on Friday (February 10). Fortunately no-one was seriously injured, although it’s estimated the crash caused around GBP30,000 of damage.

Despite this, the restaurant is back open today, according to their Facebook page. Try MEN Premium now for FREE… just click here[1] to give it a go. Police say the driver and his passengers attempted to flee the scene on Warrington Road in Culceth, but were stopped by police nearby.

The driver was arrested after taking a breathalyser. Today, the restaurant has thanked the community for its support following the collision. Posting on their Facebook page, they said: “Dear customers, as you may have already seen or heard, last night our restaurant was involved with a collision from a car driving extremely fast around the bend on Warrington Rd.

“We are very, very lucky that no one within the restaurant or outside was injured, all a bit shook up but thankfully unharmed. “We would firstly like to say thank you for the out pour of support that we have already received from the community with kind messages and asking if we need any help, it’s really appreciated. “We’ve been able to secure the windows that have been shattered with wooden boarding and we have given the restaurant a thorough clean throughout the early hours of the morning to make the property safe.

Emergency services at the scene on Warrington Road

“We have also had an emergency surveillance team come out and check the structure of the building that was impacted and all is structurally stable and we have been given the go ahead to continue with business.

“Apart from the eye sore we will be OPEN and providing our service as normal!! We are working as fast as we can on getting fixtures replaced but until then our doors are open and the welcome and service will be exactly the same!! “Thank you again for your understanding and continued support it means so much.”

Cheshire Police Special Constabulary earlier posted on Facebook: “A suspected drink driver had lost control of his vehicle and ploughed into the front of a busy restaurant remarkably avoiding causing serious injury to anyone! “More importantly the restaurant diners, staff and the teenagers walking past outside were very lucky to avoid being seriously injured if not worse in the collision. We estimate it has caused GBP30,000+ worth of damage to the restaurant, building and street furniture.

“To our surprise, the driver attempted to leave the scene with the passengers, however he was detained by officers nearby and provided a positive sample of breath, blowing over 90 at the roadside! “Whilst we dealt with the scene of the collision, the driver was arrested by our response colleagues for various offences and initially taken to hospital to get him medically checked over before being taken to custody to be interviewed for the offences when he had sobered up. “This is why drink driving is an offence, and completely unacceptable in 2024, it can have such an impact on others, it still baffles us why people continue to risk lives, however to be clear, we will continue to tackle those who still feel it is acceptable to take the risk and ensure they are brought before the courts!

“We are glad no one was seriously injured and hope the restaurant gets back on its feet ASAP!”


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