Thames Valley police officer awarded for saving woman’s life

Chief Constable Jason Hogg of the Thames Valley Police recently presented Chris Geraghty with an award for saving a woman’s life.

The ceremony took place at the training centre in Sulhamstead.

Geraghty said: “I was grateful to be able to provide assistance at a critical moment.

“I am honoured to receive this commendation and my thoughts are with the lady I helped and her family.”

On August 10 at approximately 6.30pm, Geraghty performed CPR on a woman after a car collided with a lorry on the M1 near Milton Keynes.

He removed the unresponsive woman from the backseat of the car and began CPR, assisted by an off-duty police officer.

Upon their arrival, paramedics took over from Geraghty and were able to stabilise the woman’s condition.

Chris’ quick thinking undeniably saved the woman’s life.