Two-way speed camera warning in Torbay

Motorists are being warned a new two-way speed camera is now in operation in Torbay[1] that will catch offenders without them knowing. It has been installed on Dartmouth[2] Road and is said to have been installed to help improve safety along the 30mph stretch of road. It has replaced a Gatso speed camera which could only detect vehicles heading towards Brixham[3].

The new ultra-tech camera uses infra-red to catch those driving above the speed limit and offenders will only know if they have been snapped until a letter arrives in the post, and they could also be detected for other offences. Details of how the new cameras will operate have been confirmed by Brixham Police on its Facebook post. It states: “A new speed camera has replaced the old Gatso camera enforcing the 30mph speed limit on Dartmouth Road.

Be warned; unlike traditional cameras which only capture vehicles in the left-hand lane, they can now track two-way traffic. “The ‘spot cameras’ do not require painted lines on the road as they use infra-red low-light technology, and no longer ‘flash’ when triggered. This means drivers won’t necessarily know if they’ve been fined.

“These new cameras use a video-based system that works alongside an intelligent virtual grid to judge if a driver is speeding. The video element means drivers could be prosecuted for other offences, such as using mobile phones or not wearing a seat belt. “Residents on Dartmouth Road have been asking for something like this for some time and it should help improve road safety and see a reduction in speeds in the area.”

The old speed camera on Dartmoor RoadThe old speed camera on Dartmoor Road

The installation of the new camera has sparked a mixed reaction among road users.

On community Facebook page Spotted Paignton[4], one person said: “People wouldn’t mind the speed cameras if they were around schools, hospitals, play parks etc. This camera has always been a money grab. “I have lived in that area 40 years and can never remember an accident there, at the waterside shops or further up near Broadsands.”

Another added: “I can only ever recall one accident on this road and it was by the Waterside pub about 30 years ago. How times change… that section of road where the camera is used to be 60mph!” In support of the new cameras, a local resident said: “Good.

Speed is one of the #FatalFive[5]. Hopefully, the cameras will also detect those using mobile phones too. Don’t break the law and you have nothing to fear from this.”

Another added: “Good!

Shouldn’t be speeding anyway so if you are it’s your own fault; simple as that.”


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