Driver killed in crash in UK after driving down the wrong way of a motorway

Image source: YappApp

A motorist who was travelling the incorrect way down the M62 was killed in a horrifying head-on accident, reports Metro

Following an Audi A3 collision with an Amazon HGV at about three in the morning on Saturday, police are requesting witnesses.

A short while later, the male occupant of the Audi was pronounced dead at the site, and the road was closed as collision investigators worked to determine exactly what happened, reports Metro.

Drivers are urged to avoid the area today afternoon as the West Yorkshire motorway’s Junctions 28 and 29 will be temporarily blocked while investigations are conducted.

Following the “serious” incident, the motorway’s junctions 21 and 22 are temporarily blocked. Drivers are urged to avoid the area and find an alternate route.

Police have stated there are no fatalities, however it is unclear how many injuries have been sustained, reports Metro.

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