Motorcyclists are 125 times more likely to to killed or seriously injured when involved in an road traffic collision than a car driver

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Motorcyclists are one of the most vulnerable groups on Northern Ireland’s roads, remember they could be approaching faster than you think.

Always take another look for a motorcyclist before you make any manoeuvre.

As part of this focus, officers will be engaging with motorcyclists and their passengers and other road users to promote motorcycle safety, including carrying out vehicle check points and conducting a number of BikeSafe workshops.

Superintendent Gary Busch from the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s Operational Support Department said: “The arrival of better weather traditionally means we see an increase in motorcycles on our roads.

“We know that motorcyclists are 125 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured when involved in an road traffic collision than a car driver for the same distance travelled.

“We want everyone who uses the road to be safe.

“Unlike the occupants of motor vehicles, motorcyclists have very little protection when they crash. This makes motorcyclists especially vulnerable to death or serious injury if they come off their bike or are struck by another vehicle. Junction points are a key area so please remember to take another look before emerging onto a road.

“Motorcyclists also need to be cognisant of their speed, the weather conditions and other road users. If you are taking the bike out for the first time in a while please ensure your motorcycle and safety equipment are in good working order.

“Other road users need to be alert for motorcycles on the road, careless driving is one of the most significant causes of collisions. Just a moment of inattention can result in a serious crash.

“If we share the road, we have to s

hare the responsibility. Remember, to stay safe and help keep the roads safe for others, always remember the fatal five – don’t drink or take drugs and drive; slow down; don’t be careless; always wear your seat belt and never use your mobile phone whilst driving.”


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