New AI speed cameras that can see inside cars to monitor drivers praised for ‘improving road safety’

Experts have commented on new plans to roll out speed cameras that use artificial intelligence, praising the devices for their potential safety benefits.

New AI-controlled speed cameras will slowly be rolled out across the country following successful trials showing the effectiveness of the scheme.

The cameras are installed in vans that monitor drivers using their phones and not wearing their seatbelts.

It is hoped the cameras will lead to an influx of dangerous and distracted drivers being caught and taken off the roads.

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The AI speed camera and a driver using their phone

The AI speed camera can catch drivers using their phones


According to the RAC, the cameras were first used on the A23 in Lambeth last year and helped the police tackle the scourge of dangerous driving.

In August last year, a free-standing AI camera caught 300 drivers in the first three days of being in operation and has been used in Devon and Cornwall.

Louise Thomas, car insurance expert at, said the new technology would improve roads by putting dangerous motorists under the microscope.

She continued, saying: “AI speed cameras will help catch drivers who break the law when behind the wheel, such as driving without wearing a seatbelt or for using their phone.

“This new technology aims to help improve road safety, protecting both road users and pedestrians from dangerous driving.”

Data from the insurance company found that nearly half of all UK drivers accept that AI speed cameras will make roads safer and cut down on accidents.

However, one in five drivers said they were concerned about the safety features, as they believe they may be an invasion of their privacy.

Some drivers have noted their concern with the use of AI, especially with cameras that have such a clear view into the vehicle.

Thomas noted that despite the reservations from motorists, the majority of Britons will accept that the cameras are necessary to crack down on dangerous and distracted drivers.

The expert added: “Distracted driving, such as using your phone while driving, could result in a £200 fine and up to six points on your licence.

“But not focusing when behind the wheel can also result in near-misses or accidents.

“And for the drivers who are caught driving dangerously, they could be banned from driving altogether.”


Drivers caught with phones at the wheel

The AI cameras caught almost 300 people in the first three days of the scheme


Adrian Leisk, head of road safety for Devon & Cornwall Police, took aim at dangerous drivers, saying the technology was sending a clear message to those flouting the rules on their mobile phones.


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