New speed cameras in Surrey village after 11 crashes in just four years

New speed cameras have been installed in a Surrey[1] village and it has been hailed as “brilliant news for road safety”. It comes as figures reveal 11 collisions have happened on a mile-long stretch in the area within the space of four years – two of which have been deemed serious.

Works to install the average speed cameras in Bramley[2] along the A281 have been registered on One.Network on behalf of Surrey County Council[3] (SCC). The first set of cameras have been put up around 65 metres south of Chesnut Way, while the second are just north of the junction to Park Drive.

The works will also include road markings on the carriageway. Department for Transport data displayed on CrashMap[4] reports 11 crashes have occurred within a mile of each other on the A281, close to where the cameras have been placed.

These occurred in the four years from 2018 to 2022, with nine regarded as ‘slight’ on the site and two as ‘serious’. It is not known if they relate to speeding, but can reflect concerns for road safety.

MP for South West Surrey, Jeremy Hunt, shared an update from local councillors Kevin Deanus and Jane Austin that he hailed as “brilliant news for road safety in Bramley”. He claimed years of hard work had led to the installation of columns and cameras, which were put in place from April 9 to 11.

He said: “The team has been working hard to get the necessary permits and new columns following a delay caused by finding services in the ground when the installation team dug to install the camera poles. The cameras and columns will be fully installed in the coming week but won’t be live immediately as everything needs setting up and connecting properly. Brilliant news for road safety in Bramley on the A281.”

The new Bramley speed cameras were previously outlined in November 2023, along with others across Surrey[7] including on the A25 Shere Road, B374 Brooklands Road, and B2032 Dorking[8] Road. The A281 connects Guildford[9] to the south of Surrey and West Sussex.

A spokesperson for SCC previously said: “As part of our ongoing focus to improve the safety of our roads, we are implementing six camera enforcement schemes across the county, five of them being average speed cameras. Average speed cameras are more effective than spot speed cameras as they encourage greater compliance with the speed limit over a longer stretch of road, and have been proven to lead to reduced injury collisions.

“They are also considered to be fairer on motorists.” It was said the new average speed cameras in Bramley would provide speed enforcement on the length of the A281 Birtley Road between the junction of Park Drive to South of the junction with Chestnut Way.

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