Permanent speed camera to be installed on North Anderson Drive

A new fixed speed camera is being installed on North Anderson Drive.

Work has already begun on the permanent roadside fixture which will be located between Westburn Road and Ashgrove Road West beside the northbound carriageway.

The location is just past a major junction between the A92 North Anderson Drive and A944 Westburn Road.

The installation is due to take two weeks to complete and replaces a mobile camera van which has operated along North Anderson Drive[1] for the past few years.

The van has been serviced by a member of staff using detection equipment.

Police Scotland’s Safety Camera Unit confirmed once the camera is installed, a testing period will be carried out before it is switched on and begins recording. [2]

The new camera will be installed between Westburn Road and Ashgrove Road West. Image: Google Maps.

Once it is turned on, it can operate 24/7.

Eric Dunion, unit manager said: “Although we have enforced at this location for a number of years, mobile enforcement can only cover a limited number of hours per week.

“The opportunity arose to introduce a new fixed camera in our area, and after reviewing collisions and vehicle speeds on North Anderson Drive the decision was made to install it there.

Aberdeen City Council[3] co-leader Ian Yuill added: “The setting up of a fixed camera on Anderson Drive is a positive for the area.

“Ensuring enforcement of this key corridor through the city and improving safety for those travelling on the network.”


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