Police warn petrol and diesel drivers who have fuel cap ‘report it immediately’

Police have issued an urgent alert to drivers in one part of the country – as petrol thefts rise to a concerning[1] level. Cases of fuel theft in Suffolk have hit record levels with thieves targeting vehicles for fuel and a number of incidents reported to cops.

HGVs and other vehicles[2] had been targeted by thieves who parked overnight in laybys. Diesel was stolen from a lorry in a layby near Bury Road on March 8 with HGVs targeted at Copdock Interchange on March 31 and in a layby at Copdock on the A12 overnight on the 5 and 6 April.

Another fuel theft occurred in the middle of the night on April 2 along the A14 at Claydon. Superintendent Matthew Carney, said: “We have seen a number of these types of thefts this year. Thieves are damaging and breaking fuel caps in a bid to get to the fuel and I would urge any lorry drivers and haulage company owners to take steps to prevent themselves from becoming victims.

“If you are a victim, please report the incident as soon as possible.” The police continued: “Any drivers noticing people loitering near vehicles should note the time, date and location, as well as the descriptions of the people.

“Adopt defensive parking measures whenever and wherever possible, such as parking in a highly visible, well-lit areas or using off-road parking areas such as secure compounds or lorry parks, although these can be targeted.

“Park vehicles so that fuel tanks are as inaccessible as possible, such as parking the vehicle tank close to a wall or park vehicles tank to tank if possible. Don’t make it easy for the thieves, make sure that compounds don’t contain items that might help a thief intending to steal from vehicles.

“Objects that could be used for climbing perimeter fencing should not be left lying around.”


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