Six men arrested in Toronto gold heist that ‘belongs in a Netflix series’

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Six men arrested in Toronto gold heist that ‘belongs in a Netflix series’

Dozens of firearms also seized after 6,600 gold bars worth C$21m and C$2.7m in cash stolen at Pearson international airport

Police investigating a brazen multimillion-dollar gold heist[2] at Toronto’s main airport have arrested six men and seized dozens of firearms linked to the case which officers said “belongs in a Netflix series”.

Six thousand six hundred gold bars, worth C$21m, and C$2.7m in cash were stolen from a cargo facility at Toronto’s Pearson international airport a year ago in the country’s largest-ever gold heist.

On Wednesday, Peel regional police were joined by members of the US Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to announce developments linked to a “vast and complex” investigation that spanned the two countries. Investigators have arrested six people[3] – five in Canada and one in the US – laid 19 charges and issued three Canada-wide warrants.

The thieves, who arrived at the airport with a five-tonne truck, were able to abscond with the gold[4] after presenting a genuine airline waybill – but one that had been used for a seafood order the day before.

“This story is a sensational one and one which probably, we jokingly say, belongs in a Netflix series,” said the Peel regional police chief, Nishan Duraiappah, standing in front of the truck used in the heist.

Police say the gold, which had recently arrived from Zurich, was later melted down and allegedly used to fund the purchase of firearms intended for sale in Canada[5] as part of a trafficking ring. Smelting pots, casts and moulds were seized as part of the investigation.

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