Speed camera cut down on road where young woman was killed by boy racers

A speed camera has been vandalised on a busy road where a young woman tragically lost her life. The camera was one of four installed along the A4067 between Pontardawe and Ynystawe, following years of campaigning by Tracy Kennedy, whose daughter Kelly died on the road.

Kelly Kennedy, from the Swansea Valley[1], sadly passed away on July 4, 2016, when her car was hit head-on by a man who was racing another driver at the time. After relentless campaigning by Kelly’s mum, a new 40mph limit was introduced on a two-and-a-half-mile stretch of the busy road, reduced from 60mph.

Average speed cameras were also installed in two sections. However, some road users have not welcomed the cameras and they have been damaged several times since being put up, reports WalesOnline.[2]

Tracy Kennedy had previously shared her disappointment over the damage done to the cameras. Back in January, she said: “I did report it before Christmas[5] and I said it was so disappointing as I had been campaigning for so many years.

“Then the cameras get put up and you get idiots who decide to cut it down. I was devastated when I was told they had been cut down. I was really upset.

“It’s just mindless really. A lot of people have said to me, since the cameras have gone up, that it has made a difference.

Kelly Kennedy
Kelly Kennedy

“I know I can’t please everybody, there are people out there that don’t agree with them, but unless they have lost somebody close to them through speeding they are not going to understand. I just want to try and save people’s lives.

“That’s all my intention is because I don’t want any other family to go through what we’ve been through. I’d like to see them reinstalled as soon as possible so they can keep a closer eye on people and bring the speeding down.

“As it is now they can still go quite quick along there now because they’ve cut one down on each side. People are complaining that they can’t get here and they can’t get there but all you have to do is leave earlier.

“Kelly was doing the speed limit but there’s other people who won’t abide by it and that’s why I think it is very important to have the speed cameras there so that they can be caught and dealt with.”

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