Speed cameras in Ayrshire to go ‘dormant’ after driver improvement | Largs and Millport Weekly News

At locations across the county, the traffic enforcement cameras are to be ‘out of action’ for a three-year assessment period.

Following this, a decision will be made regarding potential decommissioning or reactivation.

It follows a comprehensive national performance review by device managers Safety Cameras Scotland.

They found that significant progress had been made in enhancing road safety in Scotland.

The review, which was conducted in collaboration with 33 road authorities, found that camera enforcement and engagement had led to improvements in driver behaviour and speed limit compliance over the past five years.

Across each of the monitored sites, no speed or red-light related injury collisions were recorded.

As such, Safety Cameras Scotland announced that it would be pausing live deployments at sites across the country as they no longer meet the criteria for enforcement.

While this does not mean the complete removal of such cameras yet, with the infrastructure and signage to remain in place for the time being a bag will be displayed over any fixed camera to indicate its non-operational status during this period of “dormancy”.

The pause will allow for a thorough assessment over a three-year period, after which decisions will be made regarding potential decommissioning or reactivation.

Mark Patterson, Police Scotland’s road policing chief inspector, said he was satisfied with the results of the review.

“Safety cameras are strategically deployed to maximise their impact on reducing injury collisions and fatalities on Scotland’s roads,” he commented.

“The positive results from the recent performance review underscore the effectiveness of our efforts.

“We commend drivers for their improved behaviour, which contributes to safer communities and roads.

“As we continue to monitor these sites, Police Scotland Safety Cameras remains committed to fostering a culture of road safety and encourages ongoing compliance with speed limits.”

Full list of all the roads in Ayrshire set to be impacted by the change

  • A70 Cumnock to Ayr, west of Killoch Colliery
  • A71 Bellfield Interchange to Warrix Interchange, east of Moorfield Roundabout
  • A71 Warrix Interchange to Bellfield Interchange, west of Moorfield Roundabout
  • A737 Irvine Road, Kilwinning, near Smith Crescent
  • A719 Whitletts Road, Ayr, at Walker Road
  • A79 Prestwick Road, Ayr, near Woodfield Road
  • A737 New Street, Dalry, near Kilwinning Road